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This website is dedicated to giving you the necessary facts and advice as well as news about organising charitable events around the UK.

If you are an individual or charity, organising or looking to take part in a fundraiser or event, we look to help you find the right way to organise or participate in an event of your choice.

We give you a range of popular tried and tested fundraising ideas that you can use and give a unique twist so you can raise the amount you want for a good cause.

Get inspired and contribute to the communities in need.

Here are a top pick of ideas to start you off :

Remember there is no right way to do it! If you are not the active type, there are always other ways like shaving your hair off, dying it all pink or even giving up chocolate for a month? This is a great opportunity for you to get creative as you want to support a cause or organisations close to your hearts and helps to build much more positive communities. We passionately believe that raising money should bring people together.

We wish you lots of success whatever fundraising method you choose!